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M.A.R.C.H (Musicians Acting with Responsibility, Compassion, and Hard work) is Roswell High School's annual band and guard fundraiser.  While the county provides a portion of what is needed for the RHS band program to operate, there are substantial expenses that fall outside of what is provided. To be successful as a program, we need financial support to cover things such as clinicians, competition costs, instruments and much more. We are also striving to create ownership within the band student body while making a substantial impact in our community. Our GOAL is to raise a significant amount of the operational funds for RHS band in a single workday.


On Saturday, April 13th, 2024, our RHS band students and families will participate with Keep Roswell Beautiful to clean up popular city parks and historical sites.  In support of this effort, we are asking for donations for our day of community clean-up. Donations accepted until April 30th, 2024.


If you are able, please consider donating to support our band and keep an eye out for our team working in and around Roswell on April 13th!


On behalf of the Roswell High School Band and Guard, we thank you for your continued support!

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Our Goal$15,000
$5,140 Raised
$9,860 Needed

Donations accepted until April 30, 2024 12:00 am

Recent Donations

$20.00 from Uncle Mark
5 days ago

Music is life! Keep it up, Sam

$50.00 from unknown
6 days ago
$500.00 from The Clark Family
1 week ago

Thank you for the joy, the music, the life lessons, and the experiences!!
We love our band!!!

$60.00 from unknown
1 week ago

Michelle + Dionne

$20.00 from unknown
1 week ago
$150.00 from Patricia Nordenhaug
1 week ago

So PROUD of you, my grandson Teddy, and you are adored and loved by your Dersnah and Nordenhaug families, especially Grandmama Patricia!

$50.00 from Bob & Judy Garrett
1 week ago

So proud of you!

$40.00 from Casey and Kaylan
1 week ago
$40.00 from Nana
1 week ago
$100.00 from Uncle Matt, Aunt Tina and George
1 week ago
$40.00 from Tonya Vincent
1 week ago

We are so proud of you!
Love, Gran and Pawpaw

$20.00 from J
1 week ago
$25.00 from Stacey Gheen-Regouski
1 week ago

Good luck! ~Aunty Stacey

$40.00 from Bill Smith
1 week ago

Glad to help

$20.00 from The Mascalis
1 week ago
$25.00 from Rebecca
1 week ago

Stay the course. So proud of you.

$40.00 from unknown
1 week ago

Uncle Jeff &Aunt Robin are very proud of you and happy to support your band!

$50.00 from Julie Thompson
1 week ago

Our grandson is Sam Slack and he loves this band. Thank you for this opportunity.

$25.00 from Shane Reiver
1 week ago

Proud of you, Mackenzie Keira.

$100.00 from anonymous
1 week ago

Proud of you!

$25.00 from M McDonald
2 weeks ago

Proud of you Kelsey

$100.00 from Mark Herring
2 weeks ago

Go Roswell band!

$20.00 from Christine Colby
2 weeks ago

I love you sweet girl! I am so proud of you!

$40.00 from Trista Weir
2 weeks ago
$25.00 from J. Barker
2 weeks ago

For the GOAT

$25.00 from Marcia G
2 weeks ago

Great job, Ty!

$25.00 from Marcia G
2 weeks ago

Great job, Syd!

$40.00 from anonymous
2 weeks ago

Good Luck. Pops

$100.00 from Love, Dad, Mom, Henry & George
2 weeks ago

We're so proud of you, Sam!!

$20.00 from Nana and PopPop
2 weeks ago

Love you Z

$100.00 from Unkie
2 weeks ago

Go Kannon!

$50.00 from Love Aanah
2 weeks ago

Proud of you Sam and all the great things your band is doing for RHS and the community….

$25.00 from The Yobp’s
2 weeks ago
$100.00 from Michelle Gheen
2 weeks ago
$100.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Good luck Kelsey!

$20.00 from anonymous
2 weeks ago

We love RHS band and especially Evie Weissinger!

$20.00 from Friedman Family
2 weeks ago

Congratulations, Ruthie! We have absolutely loved watching you perform every year with the marching band.

$100.00 from The Martins
2 weeks ago

Have the best time during these years!

$25.00 from anonymous
2 weeks ago

Good luck with your fundraiser Aaliyah! Love Nana!❤️

$40.00 from Jennifer Ross
2 weeks ago

Way to go, Ruthie! We 💚 RHS band!

$50.00 from Grandma and Grandpa
2 weeks ago

Great project Mason. Have fun!

$40.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Love the community service aspect, Mason.

$40.00 from Charles & Kelly
3 weeks ago

Good luck with your fundraiser!

$100.00 from Mike and Ginny Huffman
3 weeks ago

We're so proud of you, Gus! Love, Gigi and Pa

$40.00 from Johnny
3 weeks ago

Uncle Johnny, Aunt Emily, Luca, Leo and Bunny say hello from the Burgh!!

$25.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

Go Hornets!

$50.00 from Linda and Jim
3 weeks ago
$100.00 from Daddy
3 weeks ago

Let me know if you don't reach your goal and I'll add more. Love Daddy

$100.00 from Gram&Pap
3 weeks ago

Keep on drumming

$100.00 from The Duffy Family
3 weeks ago

Good Luck Hayden!!

$100.00 from The Ohligers 7
3 weeks ago

We love you Ben!

$100.00 from Va, Em & Nat
3/28/2024 6:02 am

Great job and great purpose! Proud of you dude!

$40.00 from Meme and Grandpa David
3/28/2024 12:11 am

Good job, Gus!

$20.00 from unknown
3/27/2024 10:00 pm

Good for you Gus! <3

$150.00 from Stephanie Dersnah
3/27/2024 10:00 pm

So proud of you Teddy!!
Thanks for making me a band mom!

$40.00 from Stephanie Dersnah
3/27/2024 9:32 pm

Happy to help Hayden out too!!!

$40.00 from Miss Cindy
3/27/2024 8:13 pm

Keep drumming Hayden!

$100.00 from Michelle Vincent
3/27/2024 7:49 pm

Good job, Gus! We're proud of you!

$25.00 from The Leatherman Family
3/27/2024 7:36 pm

Gooooo Hayden and RHS Band!!! 🐝 🎶

$100.00 from The Kingry Family
3/27/2024 6:59 pm
$20.00 from Cathy Sparks
3/27/2024 11:42 am

Keep up the hard work Teddy!

$40.00 from unknown
3/27/2024 10:23 am

So proud of you, Teddy!! Love, Gramma

$25.00 from Ann Lord
3/26/2024 12:33 pm
$40.00 from unknown
3/25/2024 12:41 am
$20.00 from unknown
3/19/2024 9:51 pm

Mike watson

$185.00 from unknown
3/19/2024 2:42 pm
$40.00 from Metha Cannon
3/19/2024 2:30 pm

What a great idea!

$5.00 from anonymous
3/15/2024 9:21 am

test donation