It is our mission to keep the cost of student participation in the Roswell Band Program affordable for all families. We constantly strive to balance the challenge of keeping the cost manageable, with maintaining the level of excellence required to ensure the best experience, opportunity, and enrichment that music and the performing arts provide to students, parents and the Roswell Community.


The learning experience students gain from participation in this championship program includes, honor and having respect for oneself and others; the value of teamwork, a strong work ethic and being goal-oriented. These are skills the young people of the Roswell Band Program will utilize as they pursue future endeavors and become contributing members of our society.


It is our belief, that no student should be excluded from this fine arts program due to a family’s financial hardship. We hope you will please consider sponsoring a band student, or making a tax-deductible donation by cash, check or online. Thank you very much for your consideration.